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 Various coding hints and tips Various coding hints and tips
-''​Public Class YourClass Dim selectedMedias = From mt In _mediaTable\\ Where _mediaTypes.Contains(mt.Item("​type"​))\\ Select New SysMedia With {\\ .Type = mt.Item("​type"​),​\\ .URL = mt.Item("​media_Text"​),​\\ .Region = mt.Item("​region"​),​\\ .MD5 = mt.Item("​md5"​),​\\ .Format = mt.Item("​format"​)\\ }\\ \\ For Each MedDr As SysMedia In selectedMedias\\ debug.writeline(MedDr.Type)\\ Next \\ \\ End Class\\ \\ Public Class SysMedia Public Type As String\\ Public URL As String\\ Public Region As String\\ Public MD5 As String\\ Public Format As String End Class ''​ 
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