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 TypeXtra.exe -gl "​Arcana Heart 3" -sc TypeXtra.exe -gl "​Arcana Heart 3" -sc
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Making Your Own HDExe Sets =====
 +HDExe sets are sets of Exes at different resolutions. I believe that AllLoaderRH can produce these at different resolutions. To make your own HDExe sets, structure the files like this:
 +The AH3NX is the Short Gamer Name. Then, the gamename folder must be zipped and finally, the root HDExes folder should also be zipped. Then you should be able to import your custom HDExes set. This basically installs the files in the shortgamename folder into the folder you have set up as the game root folder.
 ===== Tutorial Videos ===== ===== Tutorial Videos =====
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