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Mago Documentation

What is Mago?

Mago is just a daft name for a collection of geeky stuff. It houses various projects of mine from software to hardware. The corresponding documentation can be found here.

Main Mago Site:

Main Site
Includes all download links, forums and bug reporting.
Buy me a beer
If any of my creations do you a favour - I'll happily get the other side of a beer..


LogoDescriptionProject Page
An application to display game controls and dynamic layouts for all systems and games
typextralogo_500w.jpg TypeXtra
A Launcher for TypeX and NesicaXLive roms.
VICESpy introduces a number of features to compliment the VICE Emulator.
A Windows GUI application that makes adding and managing games on systems running Recalbox easier.
An enhancement app for C64Debugger - giving it a GUI and added functionality.
A plugin for CBMPrgStudio that enables SVN versioning
GameEx Theme Maker
Documentation on using this theme maker..

Documentation status

I'm currently working on transferring all the documentation from Codeplex onto this wiki, but please be patient. It's boring. In the mean-time, you can always browse what's been done to date here, or head on over to Codeplex to see if there's anything there:

To Codeplex, my good man, and don't spare the horses...

If it isn't listed, it hasn't even been started yet!

ProjectStatusTransfer % Complete

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