A compliment app to C64Debug giving it a GUI and added functionality.

An app that supplements the excellent C64Deugger app. Provides a GUI, so no more keyboard shortcuts and also adds other functionality.

Dis-assemble C64 games in real time and explore the coding tricks used in various games..

Use as a debugger with C64 Prog Studio, pointing it at this app rather than C64Debugger directly.

Lots of features. Download to explore.

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  1. Nice one, any chance for update to work with 64.56 ? Seems like it somewhat works, but with errors so not sure if thats ok 🙂 Anyways. Good work.

  2. Hello,

    I just found this interesting piece of software when I was browsing YouTube for IK+ debugging. Is it possible to download it somewhere? The links I found so far were not functional.


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