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A little app to monitor changes in foreground ProcessIDs, Window Handles and Window Titles. Useful for troubleshooting focus issues. Features: Track different properties of the […]


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Switches Windows Mapped Network Drive mappings depending on connections. E.g. switching between LAN locations and local drive locations when away from your LAN. DriveMappy is […]


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A Dropbox alternative, letting you use your home server or computer as your own cloud server. WHoSeBox lets you share files from your home server […]


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An application to manage game related image sets. Specifically designed for collaborative efforts via cloud services, but can also be used individually with local folders […]


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Enables USB hot swapping in MAME, working around the problem of random device enumeration.. Controller Remap allows you to setup Mame to work with hot-swapped USB […]


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TypeXtra is a launcher that helps you fix, set-up and boot any TypeX or Nesicca games. Useful for sorting messy sets and integrates fully with […]


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CPWizBiz is your full game controls display software. It leverages CPWizard, enabling the display of game controls for non-mame systems. It also allows you to […]