CPWizBiz is your full game controls display software. It leverages CPWizard, enabling the display of game controls for non-mame systems. It also allows you to use all of your game assets to populate an additional display with things like images, text and video (ideal for marquee displays).

CPWizBiz is a companion app to Headkaze’s excellent CPWizard. It allows you to show controls, game manuals, marquees and game information/images for all systems, not just MAME. It’s ideal for multi-monitor games rigs, allowing you to show additional info on a second monitor. However, it can also be run on single display setups, the controls showing briefly at game launch or when a specific key is pressed. Some features:


  • Show Game controls accommodating any in-emulator or in-game remaps.
  • Show System Controller components on your rig.
  • Automatically display images for Systems, Controllers, Developers and others..
  • Show information about a game such as the game bio, game type, number of players etc.
  • Sub-layouts allowing you to cycle through ‘sub-screens’ of information.
  • Full admin interface, allowing you to edit setups, layouts etc on-the-fly (make changes in the interface and see final result on the second monitor).
  • Adds to CPWizard functionality, allowing:
    • Batch resizing of any images
    • Changing Z-index of images
    • Other batch functions like changing groups of labels, colours etc
    • Adds a ‘Preserve Aspect’ option to layouts to prevent stretching
  • Master/Slave configuration – Edit setups on slave laptop/PC or offline. Synced via dropbox. Meaning you can leave your master setup running without having to use the admin interface on this. Setups updated instantaneously.

Marquee Editor:

  • Auto generate Marquees from image paths
  • Add images, animation (flash or gif), vidoes (local or youtube link) + scroller texts to a custom marquee
  • Flashy text generator – makes styalized text from game name.
  • In-app image searcher to find logos, backgrounds, fanart etc
  • In-app game info searcher
  • Video Intros before marquee display (e.g. for console boots)
  • Manage system assets and troubleshoot any naming convention issues.
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  1. It appears the download link is broken. 🙁 Can you fix or provide the file elsewhere for use? Thanks!

  2. This tools seems very impressive… but need documentation or tutorial for take in hand…
    Have you a doc ot tutorial? Thanks a lot!

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