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GUI Stuff


You can drag and drop any toolbars onto the top, left or right borders.

Items within toolbars can be re-ordered . Just press Alt then drag and drop the item.

You can load and save different toolbars layouts via View>ToolbarLayouts.

“Tidy toolbars” automatically re-arranges them within a panel neatly.

Command Line


C64DebugGUI 'passes through' any command line arguments sent to it to C64Debugger that don't start with “?”. For example, if you usually use:

c64debugger.exe -prg "S:\Tech\game.prg" -breakpoints "S:\Tech\game.dbg" -vicesymbols "S:\Tech\gameSmbls.dbg"

then just use this instead:

c64debuggerGUI.exe -prg "S:\Tech\game.prg" -breakpoints "S:\Tech\game.dbg" -vicesymbols "S:\Tech\gameSmbls.dbg"

You can also set cmd line parameters to send to c64debugger.exe in the settings too. The two will be amalgamated (cmd line and settings parameters) and passed to C64Debugger on launch.

App parameters

C64DebugGUI also has some of its own parameters. These are prefixed by the character “?”. These are stripped form the full command line before passing to C64Debugger.exe. The parameters:


* Leaves 2 second pauses between steps in the C64Debugger integration stage.

?dmStops C64Debugger window being maximized at startup.

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