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A GUI Add-on for Dr Venture's ControllerRemap

Controller Remap allows you to setup Mame to work with hot-swapped USB devices. It works around the random device enumeration that can sometimes break game controls in Mame.

ControllerRemapGUI extends its functionality and hopefully makes using the app a little more user firendly, cutting out the need for delving into the XML files.



Get ControllerRemap from here:

Download ControllerRemapGUI from downloads section. You'll need Microsoft .net framework installed to run.

Setup and use

See this video for a setup guide:

Booting games via ControllerRemapGUI and Mame

There are different approaches, depending on what command lines you use with ControllerRemapGUI. See Cmd Line Parameters section for more details.

Two common ways:

Method 1

Use ControllerRemapGUI to remap the controls depending on what devices you have plugged in. Then call Mame as you usually would.

  • Example 1:
>CtrlRemapGUI.exe -rmap ""
>mame64.exe -nowindow -ctrlr MyRemap

Remaps the default ControllerRemap file set in ControllerRemapGUI and then boots Mame. MyRemap.cfg is in your Mame>Ctrl folder and set as the default ControllerRemap cfg file in the application.

  • Example 2:
>CtrlRemapGUI.exe -rmap "SecondCRCfgFile.cfg"
>mame64.exe -nowindow -ctrlr SecondCRCfgFile

Remaps the SecondCRCfgFile.cfg file in the Mame/Ctrlr folder and then boots Mame with it. IN this scenario - it ignores the default set in ControllerRemapGUI.

Method 2

Send parameters to ControllerRemapGUI to do it all - load controls and boot mame. E.g:

  • Example 1:
>CtrlRemapGUI.exe -rmap "" -mame xmen -nowindow -skip_gameinfo

Boots Xmen using the remapped default ControllerRemapGUI Cfg file..where the default Controller Remap .cfg file is in your Mame>Ctrl folder and set as the default ControllerRemap cfg file in the application.

  • Example 2
>CtrlRemapGUI.exe -rmap "SecondCRCfgFile.cfg" -mame xmen -nowindow -skip_gameinfo

Boots Xmen using the specified (non-default) ControllerRemap .cfg file.

Command Line Parameters

-rmap “[cfg file]“

Remaps the ctrlr/cfg file specified to devices plugged in. If you don't specify a file, the ControllerRemap cfg file specified in the applications defaults is used. This leaves you to call mame separately. N.B. If you are wanting to use the default, you must still send the quotes. i.e. send:

''**CtrlRemapGUI.exe -rmap ""**''

-mame [optional,optional,optional………]

Sets ControlleRemapGUI to boot mame after remapping the cfg file. You can also include any mame parameters after this switch. N.B. Because the number of mame parameters is indeterminate, this switch and parameters must be last in the sequence. E.g.:

''**CtrlRemapGUI.exe**''  ''-rmap "" -mame xmene -window -skip_gameinfo''

Would run Xmen in windowed mode with gameinfo skipped.

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