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1.5.3 Controls over Game Artwork

You can display controls over game artwork passed via command line. An example:

If you are wishing to do this:

- Ensure any images used in CPWizard Designer are transparent. Don't worry about the Background layer (in CPWizard settings) - this is replaced when CPWB runs.

- Use the command line switches -bg1, -bg2 + -bgd to specify the images to try. They don't actually have to exist - so your front-end can generate what the image would be and CPWB will try and find the image. You can set -bgd as a static, default image that you know does exist as a default in case of failure of the other two.

Using with GEmvoy

Example Default Parameters (with GEmvoy tokens) to use in GEmvoy for CPWizBiz:

-gm “[PRIORITYGAMENAME]” -dbs “[GEDATABASE]” -em “[GEEMULATOR]” -im “[ROMBARE]” -ct “[CATAGORY]” -dv “[DEVELOPER]” -yr “[YEAR]” -sp “[SNAPPATH]” -si “[SNAPIMG]” -tp “[TITLEPATH]” -ti “[TITLEIMG]” -tm “0” -fe “GameEx” -bg1 “[TITLEPATH]\[TITLEIMG]” -bg2 “[SNAPPATH]\[SNAPIMG]” -bgd “Y:\System and Game Assets\Sony PlayStation\System\OpCards\lBJRp2.jpg”

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