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1.5.4 FrontEnd Setups


Easiest Route

Use the GEmvoy plugin for GameEx. Then, just set up CPWizBiz.exe as a support app. The folowing cmd line parameters work well:

-gm “[PRIORITYGAMENAME]” -dbs “[GEDATABASE]” -em “[GEEMULATOR]” -im “[ROMBARE]” -ct “[CATAGORY]” -dv “[DEVELOPER]” -yr “[YEAR]” -sp “[SNAPPATH]” -si “[SNAPIMG]” -tp “[TITLEPATH]” -ti “[TITLEIMG]” -tm “0” -fe “GameEx” -bg1 “[TITLEPATH]\[TITLEIMG]” -bg2 “[SNAPPATH]\[SNAPIMG]” -bgd “Y:\System and Game Assets\Sony PlayStation\System\OpCards\lBJRp2.jpg” -rm “[ROMBARE]”

Using Adultery's Quicklaunch Plugin

When setting up your emulators, ensure you set up “Title Text” with the exact emulator name from CPWizBiz (these can be viewed from CPWizBiz>Misc>Lists). For example:

Then, I'd recommend using Adultery's Quicklaunch Plugin to boot CPWizBiz alongside the emulator/game. There's different ways you can set it up. The way that I'm using it:

Point “Process exe” towards CPWizBiz. The arguments:

<box>-gm “[Game]” -dbs “[Database]” -em “[EmuName]” -im “[Rom]” -ct “[Category]” -dv “[Developer]” -yr “[Year]” -sp “[SnapPath]” -si “[Snap]” -tp “[TitlePath]” -ti “[Title]” -tm “0” -fe “GameEx”<\box>

If the system you are trying to pass does not have an associated database in GameEx (you can see these via the “Misc” tab and “Get systems list”) then you can pass the system manually, replacing -dbs “[Database]“ with -sy “ [system name here]The system name must match that in CPWizBiz.

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