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1.1.1 Glossary


CPWizard: CPWiz, CPW

Basic Terms

CPWizBiz references different types of elements throughout. These are:


Rigs - The arcade cab or HTPC that you use to run your emulators and games. Rig Controllers are whatever you use to control your Rig - for example, if it's an Arcade Cabinet, you may have a Joystick, Trackball and Buttons. Others may be a GamePad that you connect to your PC.

Input Codes - How you rig receives inputs. For example, via keyboard keys (Keycodes),, gamepad buttons (JoyCodes) or mouse movements (MouseCodes).

Rig Control - A shorthand and identifier for different input types. For example, KeyCode_A may be mapped to a button on your rig, and thus referred to as Button_01. Another e.g. The Mouse may be linked to a Trackball, thus “MouseCode X+” becomes “Trackball X+” This all helps with mapping and re-mapping.

Rig Layout - This is what you construct in CPWizard. It consists of Input Codes, Labels and Images. CPWizBIz makes use of dynamic images, so you can display System Controller Controls on the CPWiz Layout too. More in sections on making layouts in CPW.

Input Code Types - Rig Inputs are categorized in CPWB to make setups easier. Into 3 types:
Game Control Codes - These are where Rig Controls are mapped to buttons/controls which will be used to play the game (e.g. Joysticks etc).
Emulator Control Codes - These are any buttons on your cab or Rig that you use specifically to control your emulators etc. For example, you may have a 'Home' button on your cab, or use a 4-button combo on your gamepad to exit games. Separating these out, you will only have to map your rig controls against the emulator once - this saves you having to do it for each and every game! It is flexible though, you can work around any errant per-game emluator function changes you have to make (why's the Commodore 64 springing to mind?)
Info Codes - Not so much a Control or Function, but used where you place information into you Rig Layout such as GameName, Developer, Year etc.

Placeholders - These are images that represent the different Rig Controls - they are dummy placeholders representing the control that will be replaced by any dynamic image (e.g. the Cross button on a Play station controller).

Systems, Emulators and Games

Systems - Any consoles or gaming hardware that's being emulated. For e.g. Nintendo SNES or Sony PlayStation.

System Controllers - Sometimes referred to as Controllers. These are the original controllers linked with the System. For example, PlayStation 2 may have the Dual Shock 2 as one System Controller and the GCon2 as another.

Controls - Each System Controller will have a number of controls. For example, the PlayStation Controller will have Cross, Circle, Square etc. as controls. Rigs will also have controls - for example Digital Joystick up or Trackball X+. Sometimes also referred to as a Function.

Emulators - The software that is used by your Rig to emulate Systems. Sometimes, Emulators can emulate more than one system.

Games - The files that you load into your Emulators to play the games.

Labels, Maps and Functions

Labels/Functions - Sometimes used interchangeably and can be a little confusing! To break it down from the CPWB Admin menu:
Default Controller Function - more accurately, System Controller Control. For example Cross or L1.
Game Function: This is the “move” or the “action” in the game. For example, Run, Jump, Accelerate, Duck etc.
Emulator Function: These are the operations that the Emulator can perform. For example, some allow you to take a screenshot, pause the game or save the game. These are also linked to an Input on your rig (for example Key Escape to exit).

Maps - These are the links between the different elements. Some examples:
Rig Control > System Controller Control
What Rig Controls are linked to what system controls. For example, DigitalJoystickUp may be linked with the DPad up on the Playstation Controller.
System Controller Control>Game Function
For example, Accelerate may be linked to Cross on the Playstation Controller.

Remaps - This is a crucial bit of CPWB. Every game comes with a default map of System Controller Controls to Game Functions. However, these can often be re-mapped in the game itself (for example, 'accelerate' set to L1 instead of Cross). This is referred to as an In-Game Remap.

However, using emulators, Rig > Controller maps can also change. For example, you may have Cross mapped to Button_1 (Keycode_A) by default. But you may change this mapping for one particular game (for example if Cross isn't used in a game and you want Button_1 (the most used/accessible button) to be mapped to the more common game control. This is referred to as an Emulator Remap for a game. These are also handy where you can't remap buttons in games.

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