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1.1 Introduction

CPWizBiz is a companion app to Headkaze's excellent CPWizard. It allows you to show controls, game manuals, marquees and game information/images for all systems, not just MAME. It's ideal for multi-monitor games rigs, allowing you to show additional info on a second monitor. However, it can also be run on single display setups, the controls showing briefly at game launch or when a specific key is pressed. Some features:

  • Show Game controls accommodating any in-emulator or in-game remaps.
  • Show System Controller components on your rig.
  • Automatically display images for Systems, Controllers, Developers and others..
  • Show information about a game such as the game bio, game type, number of players etc.
  • Sub-layouts allowing you to cycle through 'sub-screens' of information.
  • Full admin interface, allowing you to edit setups, layouts etc on-the-fly (make changes in the interface and see final result on the second monitor).
  • Adds to CPWizard functionality, allowing:
    • Batch resizing of any images
    • Changing Z-index of images
    • Other batch functions like changing groups of labels, colours etc
    • Adds a 'Preserve Aspect' option to layouts to prevent stretching
  • Master/Slave configuration - Edit setups on slave laptop/PC or offline. Synced via dropbox. Meaning you can leave your master setup running without having to use the admin interface on this. Setups updated instantaneously.
  • - Autogenerate Marquees from image paths
  • - Add images, animation (flash or gif), vidoes (local or youtube link) + scroller texts to a custom marquee
  • - Flashy text generator - makes styalized text from game name.
  • - In-app image searcher to find logos, backgrounds, fanart etc
  • - In-app game info searcher
  • - Video Intros before marquee display (e.g. for console boots)
  • Manage system assets and troubleshoot any naming convention issues.
  • Loads of other stuff…
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