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1.2.3 Import and Edit a Rig

Adding a Rig

You have to import rigs into CPWizBiz. This amends the layout xml to work with any dynamic images and labels. If you haven't imported the rig before, use:

This will start the import process. At the end of this process, you'll receive a message box telling you any errors/results of the import.

If any input codes (labels) have no group assigned, they will default to game controls labels.

If any codes don't start with the accepted prefixes (e.g. Joy_,Misc ect - see previous page) then these are not imported. That is - CPWizBiz will not change them dynamically.

Input codes without a linked image are not necessarily a bad thing. For instance, Info labels (Gamename etc) may not have a linked image. However, if something's askew in your final results you can also check this.

A full log of the import process is kept in the CPWizBiz>Logs folder. You can check this to identify any bugs in the Rig Layout.

This video shows you how to work with info following a Rig import:

Editing/Fine Tuning a Rig Layout

You can edit the rig in various ways. Play about with the demo file. Some videos below show some ways to edit and fine tune your rig:

It is a good idea to re-import the rig (“Import/Update Rig”) once you have finished fine tuning, or if your edits don't provide the expected results.

Additionally, you can perform batch functions on your rigs, making resizing images etc easier. This can also make working with layouts easier in CPWizard. See this video for some shortcuts:

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