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1.2.7 Misc Functions Tab

Various Functions:

Edit Joycodes/Keycodes

This edits the Joy and Keycodes file in CPWizard, to allow you to add customs when designing a rig.

Edit Default Settings

Edit CpWizBiz default settings. See the helptext in the associated menu for explanations of each setting.

Show screen numbers

If you're using a background in the default settings - this shows the screen numbers to help specify on which monitor you want the background displaying.

Subs Hotkey

Allows you to set the hotkey and keypress time to switch the sub layouts.

Show Lists

Shows a list of the database entries for various aspects (Emulators, Controllers etc).


Shows the screen numbers to use in the Local Defaults settings.

On-the-fly Edit

Stop Emu Focus + Stop Auto Alt+Ent: If these enabled for the emulator, temporarily disables them whilst you edit. Also available via the tray context menu.

Stop hide+min; Sotp above on close - this stops CPWBAdmin hiding and minimising during editing - option below that ensures that this is set to false when it is closed (to stop admin menu showing when running frontend).


This updates your CPWizBiz Assets from a remote server. IN time, it's hoped that this'll hold a database of various assets such as developer + controller images and also a database of default controls for games. It also holds a controller database - saving you having to enter your own controllers manually.

In order to use this, you must allow CPWBAdmin.exe through your fire wall. The FTP uses a custom port, so standard setups won't suffice. The Port used is: 53546.

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