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1.2.4 Setting up Emulators and System Controllers


If you include a System Controller in a setup - you can change the default functions for the system controller as well as the associated images. If you create a game setup in which the controller has not yet been setup, you'll be prompted to add the minimum defualt controls.

Note: When setting up system controllers, I'd advise including a generic “D-Pad” or “Thumbstick” control as well as individual components of this control. See the PSX controller setup in the demo for examples.

Overview of Controller menu options:

Edit Defaults for this Controller

Controller Info and Settings

Edit generic information about the controller.

Controls and Images

Set the button/control names for the controller. Also, set the associated images.

Controls from Game

If you have imported a game via a Games IMport and this has associated controls, but you haven't set up controls individually, this will set the controls from the game.

Edit Controls

Rig/Ctrlr Map: Rig to Controller Map for Emu

Set the emulator default mapping for system controls. This will allow you to map the Rig controls against the system controller functions. For example, for the Playstation Controller, letting you map the “X” function against Button 1 on your Rig. You don't have to map all possible controls here. For instance, you could choose to just have the bare basics such as “Dpad; Cross; Circle; Square; Triangle” rather than Dpad-Up; Dpad-Down etc. This map forms the default when new games are added. You can add more specific controls later via the Game/Emulator Specific Remap later.

Remap: Game/Emulator Specific Remap

If you remap any specific controller functions in the emulator for specific games - you can set these here. For example, if you remap the shoulder buttons on a PSX controller for a specific games to different rig controls. There are two other options here:

Hide Image: Will hide the controller function image when has an associated label/game control.
Clear Function: Will hide both the image and the label.

Remove any remaps

Removes any remaps made via Remap


Shows info about any controller and game remaps

Copy Emu: Copy Setup from Emulator:

If you have the controller setup via a different emulator, copies it over to this emulator.

All Controllers

Edit All: Edit All Controller Details:

View and edit all controller Info + Settings at once. Takes a while to load.

Add New: Add New Controller:

Adds a new controller to the database.

Try to use the existing ones in the database. Eventually, I would like to make controllers, systems and games setups accessible online so have one community database. However, this will require people using standardized names. So if just setting up for a stock controller - use the one in the database. However, if you are adding other common controllers for a system (e.g. a Lightgun for Playstation - Gcon) use the standard controller name followed by the new controller (e.g. “Sony Playstation GCon 2”)

Show Rig Placeholders

All: Show All Rig Placeholders

This can assist when setting the maps or remaps. This option replaces all game controls placeholders.

Missing: Show Missing Rig Placeholders

Like above, but any rig controls with images already displayed are not replaced.


This Emulator:

Info and Settings Sub Menu:

Name, Description, Link, Image - Details used in CPWizBiz Admin interface.

Emulator.exe - This is used to close CPWizBiz when the emulator is exited. CPWizBiz monitors the exe and when it's no longer running, closes the CPWizBiz app.

Emu Window Name - Also used in closing CPWizBiz when Emulator closes. Some Emu exes call a separate window in which the emu runs. Use the name of this window here to ensure smooth closing of CPWB.

Send Alt+Enter? - This is used when switching to sub-layouts. With some emulators as soon as focus is lost, and running in full-screen, the emu will return to windowed of minimized. This will send Alt+Enter to restore the emu to fullscreen after switching to a sub-layout.

Refocus Emu? - Again, when switching to a sub-layout. This will attempt to re-focus to the emulator following a sub-layout change - the window name will be needed for this.

Edit Functions:

Edits the different emulator function to rig controls mappings. E.g. mapping “Home” to Button 40.

Edit Images:

Same as above, but matches associated images.

Copy Rig:

If you have Emulator functions setup in a different rig, copies these over.

Copy Sys:

If you have Emulator functions setup in a different rig, copies these over.

Edit all Emulator Info + Settings:

Edit all emulators at once

Add Emulator:

Adds an Emulator to the database. Like for Controllers, try and use the ones in the database in the first place, as looking to standardise to make online database possible.

Show All/Missing Rig Placeholders:

Like Controllers - shows Rig placeholders to assist with setup.

If you want to remove the Rig Placeholders, just choose one fo the refresh buttons at the top to re-populate the final images.

This video has a section where a Controller and Emulator are setup for the first time:

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