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1.2.6 Setting up Game controls

Default Game/System Boot Setup

This specifies the Emulator, Controller and Rig to use in the absence of their being passed by the command line (or the Change Setup process). If one is blank, this is determined via defaults set elsewhere in CPWB.

Edit Default Game Functions

This is where you map the default. 'fresh-out-the-box' game controls against the System Controller controls.

Edit In-Game Functions Remap

If you remap any game controls in the game and preserve them via a game save or emulator state save, then you can echo these remaps in CPWB.

Remove In-game remap

Remove any remappings from above

Remove Controller Default Labels

When a game is setup for the first time, the default system controller functions are used as labels (e.g. “L1” “Cross” “Circle” etc.). This will turn any such default labels to blanks.

Hide Controller Images without Labels

Once the default game controls are setup, you may have system controller controls showing which have no corresponding function in the game. Select this to hide all Controller controls which have no game function.

Regen Controller Images to Labels

Reverses above function.

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