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1.2.5 Setting up Systems and Adding Games


Edit System's info and Settings:

Manufacturer, Year, Image, Logo: Used in CPWizBiz Admin menu

Default System Controller + Emulator:

These are the default controller and emulator that CPWizBiz uses to setup a game when these details aren't passed.

Sub-Layout Start:

This is the .xml file of the first of the series of sub-layouts.

CPWizBiz uses a naming convention to determine the cycle of sub-layouts. Suffix any sub-layout with “{x}” with x=the number in the series. E.g. “Demo{1}” “Demo{2}” etc.

Edit All System Details

Allows you to edit all of the System Info + Settings at once (slow load)

Edit CPWizard Image Paths

Allows you to set the image paths for the CPWizard Quickmenu and also the Extended Image Paths (see the rigs section).

Adding Game Setups

Games can be added in different ways. If you are running CPWizBiz via command line, the minimum you need to pass it will be the Gamename and the System. The rest (Emulator, Rig, System Controller) will be determined via the various defaults in CPWizBiz.

Another way is to go to the Change Setup tab and manually enter a new gamename. You can also specify further things such as the system, emulator, rig etc… If an existing setup exists for this combination, this will be loaded. If it doesn't the create new setup process will commence.

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