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Game, Set and Match

Game, Set and Match


Basically, choose your 3 folders - you can name them how you wish. Then select the .dat/.xml file and the system/method (at the moment only mame and GameEx db3 working). If you want this to be the one that loads at startup, check “default.” The rest you can pay about with later, but “Orphans” are games that have no related images.

Type in a name for you setup in the dropdown/combo box the click save.

Once you've done the above, click Go and hopefully, everything should go swimmingly…


All controls have tooltips, so hopefully should be reasonably intuitive. You move the files around with the arrows. You can filter and highlight the grid rows via the controls. You can also batch-copy/move files around. You can also open a preview window that lets you compare the 3 images and mark for selection if desired.

If you're cloud collaborating; folder setups, thus:

New - Local Folder where you put any image sets to be processed. Once done/transferred - just scrap the images therein.

Local - This is your Local copy of the Final Set of images. I'd suggest the final set as original size (not resized for your own setup - you can hold another local copy of your resized, individualised images). This also allows you to see when others have uploaded new images to the Final Set, as comparing this to the cloud folder will highlight any differences, indicating newer files added on the cloud.

Cloud - This is your local shared and synced folder for the cloud service. For example, with dropbox, it would be any Shares folders you've set up with others.

Other setups:

Lots of different ways to set it up. For instance, you could just point the three folders to the title, snap and box images for different systems - to ensure full sets and check out completeness for each game.


In the Datagrid:

A,S,D,W mirror up, down, left and right.
Q opens the image preview.
E marks the row as selected.

Mouse Right = open Preview

In the Image Preview Window:

Up and Down: Change image aspect properties
Left, Right: Cycle through images in the 3 folders.
(A,S,D,W mirror up, down, left and right.)

Q closes the image preview.
E marks the corresponding image row as selected.

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