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RecalBoxER simplifies adding games to systems running RecalBox. Features:

  • Add roms via a drag + drop operation, with the following facilities:
    • Visual cues if the rom file format won't work on the system.
    • De-tag file names by hold shift (e.g. “ActRaiser (J) (BS) [!].smc” becomes “ActRaiser.smc”
    • Unzip once dropped.
    • Specify a folder to unzip to once dropped (for where system game roms may conflict if all sat flat under system rom directory)
    • Re-zip any archive file to “.zip” format (supported by a lot of systems). E.g. “ActRaiser.7z” becomes “”
    • Warnings about overwrites.
  • Show systems info:
    • What rom formats it accepts
    • The readme file, giving any controller info etc.
  • View the RecalBox games database - identify any missing info
  • Built in file explorer:
    • Shortcuts to your Downloads folder, local/network roms folder and recalbox system folder - makes rom management simple.
    • Just drag and drop from here to add roms
  • Built in Web viewer to source and download roms.
  • RecalBox Manager also built in:
    • Allows to to restart Emulation Station + Recalbox straight from the application (handy for rom management)
    • Monitor your recalbox system and change settings without using a web browser.


Download RecalBoxER from here:

Unzip to location of your choice, then run RecalBoxER.exe

If you are wishing to use the unzip features, you'll need to have 7z installed. Get it here:

Initial Setup

Enable Drag and Drop

You have to change some Internet Explorer settings to enable this feature. Open the Start Menu, type “Internet Explorer” into the search bar and launch it. Then go into Settings(Cog Icon)>Internet Options>Security. Click on “Local Intranet” Then you have two options:


Just change your Security Level to “Low”:


Click “Custom Level” and ensure the highlighted options below are enabled:

Point RecalBoxER towards recalbox

If your RecalBox system isn't found in Windows Network places (“\recalbox”) then you will need to set the location of “\recalbox\shares” manually. Note: if you changed the name of your system, it'll be “\[yourname]\shares”

Other setup

Open the settings page. Check that your path to 7z is correct if using the zip features.

Next, set up the paths to your Downloads folder and local rom folders (if you have a store separate to those on your recalbox system). Select the file browser, find the relevant folders, right click and choose set path:

You can also add any websites you may using in your hunt for roms. Just open the Web browser window, search via google then use the Add Favourties icon above the Web Browser window:

Adding Games

You add games by drag and dropping. You can do single files or batches. If either the filetype will not work with the system, or you are trying to do a zip operation on non-zip files, the dropzone will turn red:

Here, the Atari2600 only takes .a26, .bin and .zip files. .7z files are trying to be dropped onto the “Drop Files” dropzone (i.e. just drop files straight into the recalbox system roms folder). Thus, the warning.

RecalBoxER will also check inside zips to check if they contain the right extension:

Here, the .7z files contain .a26 files. Thus, the dropzone turns green indicating that it will be an acceptable result (i.e. unzipping .a26 files to the system folder).

You can also change the zip format. A lot of roms are in .7z and other archive formats. RecalBoxER will unzipthese files and then re-zip them to .zip format (accepted in a lot of recalbox systems):

This also works as you're converting .7z to .zip (the latter of which the system accepts).

You can modify your drag + drop via the shift key. The indicator on the cursor will change, indicating a shifted drop:

The above is an unshifted drop. This will just drop the files as is into the system folder (system takes .zip files).

This is a shifted drop, calling the secondary function of this dropzone.

The shifted functions are:

DropzoneShifted FunctionExample
Drop FilesDe-tagDe-tags each file (e.g. “Aaargh! (Europe).zip” becomes “Aaargh!.zip”
Unzip FilesMake FolderExtracts each zip into folder based on zip filename. You can also set recalboxer to de-tag folder names in settings.
Rezip FilesDe-tagDe-tags each rezipped file. “Aaargh! (Europe).7z” would become “Aaargh!.zip”

Lastly, you can create a folder to drop any processed file into. This folder will be created in the system root directory.

In this example, a folder will be created in “\recalbox\share\roms\psx” called “Tekkens.” The drop is shifted, so it will rezip all the files and remove the tags in the filenames. The final result is:


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