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VICESpy introduces a number of features to compliment the VICE Emulator. These include:

  • An OSD for when VICE is run fullscreen and you want to know the Speed and FPS of the emulator.
  • A QuickSnapshot manager to facilitate per-game snapshots (allowing quick loads)
  • A Key-remap function allowing you to remap PC>Commodore keys on the fly on a per-game basis.


The OSD shows the present Speed and FPS of VICE. When there is a QuickSnapshot available for the specific game, it also cycles the this is available in the title for 40 seconds. Image:

To change the settings for this, right click on the VICESpy icon in the system tray:

Options should be self-evident. You can also amend a couple of options (displayed text) in the Other Settings menu:

Snapshot Management

This manipulates Quick Snapshots to allow you to use per-game snapshots to enable:

  • Skipping Load times
  • Picking up on a game where you left off.

The OSD shows when a Quick Snapshot is available.


Game must be passed to VICESpy via the Command line (see below)


Save last Game Quick Snapshot

When a Quick Snapshot is taken, this file is then copied into the folder you set as your QuickSnapshot Folder under the name of the game specified via the command line.

Swap in Game QuickSnapshot at start

If there's a QuickSnapshot file matching the game name in the relevant folder, then this is loaded into the VICE QuickSnapshot folder. Being the last in, VICE will use this file if you choose Load QuickSnapshot.

Clear VICE QuickSnapshots at start

Removes all QuickSnapshot files from the VICE Folder on boot of VICESpy. This ensures that the only QuickSnapshot file at game load is the game one (if it exists).

QuickSnapshot available Text

Changes the text in the OSD when a game snapshot is available.

Key Remaps

Key remaps allow you to have a base remap for each system (e.g. if you're mapping controls on an arcade cab, mapping the PC Key associated with each button to the relevant key on the system VICE is emulating). It also allows you to have per-game remaps, so you can remap specific game-centered Keys to specific PC Keys.

You can also choose where to store the remap database, essentially meaning you can have it in a networked location and thus, being able to access the same database from VICESpy installations on different client machines.

N.B: At present, VICESpy is only setup for the C64. I may setup more systems if needed. Also, this is a key remap, not a character remap. For character remaps, you'll have to get to grips with the vkm file format and shift functions..


Ensure that you set the correct .vkm file for each System in the Settings. It should match the file set in VICE. Example:


Game and System must be passed to VICESpy via the Command Line (see below).


Delete remap after boot:

Will add the remap keys to the vkm file, but then delete them after the set number of seconds. This helps keep a default key map file state. Ensure you boot VICE within the time, as VICE maps at boot and this is maintained even when the remaps are removed from the vkm file.

Enable Key Maps:

Switches key mapping on/off.

Command Line Parameters

-gm “[game]” - Used with the QuickSnapshot save/load and Keyremap functions

-sy “[system]” - The Commodore system being emulated - matches the folder names in the VICE root folder.


VICESpy.exe -gm “Uridium” -sy “C64”

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