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WHoSeBox lets you share files from your home server via ftp and http, acting like dropbox's old public links. Once your server is set up for ftp and http file sharing (easy enough via WHS IIS) you can get share links via right click context menus. Quick and Easy to set up…

Example setup below.

The folder \\[YourServer]\WHoSeBox\Public has been setup as a http virtual directory and contains the files to be shared via HTTP. This folder resolves to https://[]/PublicCloud via IIS. This is typed into the settings box. Similar setup for FTP.

Setting up Windows IIS - HTTP Serving

Navigate to the indicated location and add a Virtual Directory. You'll then be prompted for an “Alias.” This then forms the web address for your http assets.

In the example, “PublicCloud” is a virtual directory, pointing towards a directory within the chosen http directory (WWW Root). So if your server address is, your WebURL would be:

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