PropertyGrid: Dynamic DropDown list for Custom Class Types

This code tells your PropertyGrid control how to work with Properties which represent a custom Class

This also works dynamically, so you don’t have to create TypeConverters and UITypeEditors for each custom Class. It discerns which Property it’s representing via a Property Attribute UniqueIdetifier

First, adding the UniqueIdentifier custom Property Attribute:

Then, two POCO classes demonstrating the data objects to be used:

Note <TypeConverter(GetType(CustomClassDropDownConverter))>  This is important. Next, some sample data for Teams:

Next the TypeConverter that tells the PropertyGrid how to render the Team Class into a single string:

Finally, the UITypeEditor that produces the drop-down list in the PropertyGrid:

And that’s it. You should be able to adapt this for use with other property data types such as integers etc.

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