Enables Roms and Media management of recalbox systems via your Windows PC.

RecalBoxER simplifies adding games and managing assets for systems running RecalBox.

  • Add roms via a drag + drop operation, with the following facilities:
    • Visual cues if the rom file format won’t work on the system.
    • De-tag file names by hold shift (e.g. “ActRaiser (J) (BS) [!].smc” becomes “ActRaiser.smc”
    • Unzip once dropped.
    • Specify a folder to unzip to once dropped (for where system game roms may conflict if all sat flat under system rom directory)
    • Re-zip any archive file to “.zip” format (supported by a lot of systems). E.g. “ActRaiser.7z” becomes “”
    • Warnings about overwrites.
  • Show systems info:
    • What rom formats it accepts
    • The readme file, giving any controller info etc.
  • View the RecalBox games database – identify any missing info
  • Built in file explorer:
    • Shortcuts to your Downloads folder, local/network roms folder and recalbox system folder – makes rom management simple.
    • Just drag and drop from here to add roms
  • Built in Web viewer to source and download roms.
  • RecalBox Manager also built in:
    • Allows to to restart Emulation Station + Recalbox straight from the application (handy for rom management)
    • Monitor your recalbox system and change settings without using a web browser.


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