Automates making self-extracting, self-installing applications.

This command line app automates using 7zip to make self-extracting installers from install files. Use cases:

  • When wanting to package the setup.exe and setup.msi produced by Visual Studio Installer package creator into a single installer package.
  • If you have written your own setup.exe for your application, and you’re wanting to deploy this as a single exe installer.

This leverages 7zip’s 7zSD.sfx to construct these packages. It comes with all the required binaries, so neither you nor your clients need to have 7zip installed for this to work.

Simple to use:

…packages all files into a single file: FunkyAppInstaller.exe ready for deployment.

readme.txt holds further info. Some tips:

  • This will be caught by Windows SmartScreen unless you go through certificating the exe.
  • You will need to run this with admin privileges to register it in the PATH environment variables (ie.e can run it without install path)
  • You will also need to restart your PC once it has been installed to activate the above.
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