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Sometimes the world of WordPress can be a bit like a flea-market, full of hawkers trying to sell you their wares at silly prices. I know there’s a lot of hours of my life I’ll never get back from trawling through 101 lightbox plugins to find ‘the right one.’ These hawkers often lull you into downloading their product by presenting you with the full Monte – only to find that the free version is a highly stripped back version of the full capabilities. I’ll save you some time by presenting my best finds below.


All these plugins have good if not full facility through their free versions. No crap hook-ins.


ARI Fancy Lightbox

Free. All features such as zoom, gallery, fullscreen etc.

Email Setup

Check Email

Simple plugin that sends an email via WordPress settings to test if working.


A good plugin for testing your SMTP setups.


Drop Shadow Boxes

Gives you a nice box-out on your pages.


Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents

Fully featured TOC maker with attractive appearance on your pages.


The Newsletter Plugin

Allow users to subscribe to email updates and then send out batch emails to all your users. Well designed. Only missing feature is an auto send (e.g. weekly digests). You’ll just have to add your personalised touch!


Symple Shortcodes

A toolbox of shortcodes, including boxouts, accordions, sliders, tabs etc.

Page Appearance

Title Remover

Simple plugin to have option to remove page titles.

Code Syntax Highlighter

Urvanov: Crayon Syntax Highlighter

An update of the classic and best code highlighter. At time of writing – the Guttenberg edition works best.


The Paste

Speeds up pasting images onto your posts. Just paste any images on the clipboard directly into your editor – no more messing aorund with Media Editor. 


Some good, responsive themes. Again, no crap hook-ins – lots of functionality from the free versions.

Dark WordPress Themes

MH UrbanMag

A slim, minimalist theme.

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