Satisfactory PS4 Controller Mapping


Using the PS4 Controller Map

Launch the game. Press the PS button to bring up the Steam menu. Navigate: Controller Configuration>Community. Then select:

“Satisfactory PS4 Controller Map Vx.x”  (with the xs replaced by numbers – select the latest version)

In Game Remaps

Necessary remap: For some reason, the setup does not like Left Control. So go into Game Options>Controls and remap:

Default New Function
Left Control G Snap to Guidelines/Toggle Mass Dismantle
C E Fly Down

Recommended Fly Mod: Factory Skyline

You don’t have to have this installed, but if you do, ensure you make the following remaps by pressing “R” and then changing the key bindings in the Skyline menu:

Default New Function
R O Open Skyline Menu
C E Fly Down


Key Regular Double Tap Long Press/Hold Combo
Cross Jump Fly Up (L1 + Cross) Toggle Sprint
Circle Back Reload (L1 + Circle) Torch
Square Use Fly Down (L1 + Square) Crouch
Triangle Deconstruct Eye Dropper
D-Pad Up Spline Mode Next Tool Quick Scroll Up
D-Pad Down Snap and Mass Dismantle Previous Tool Quick Scroll Down
D-Pad Left Previous Hotbar
D-Pad Left Next Hotbar
Left Stick Move
Left Stick Press Activate Scanner Field: Select Resource (with Right Stick)
Container management: Transfer all objects of same type
Right Stick Move
Right Stick Press Show Keyboard
L1 Show Build Radial Menu (use with Right Stick)
R1 Show Menus Menu (use with Left Stick)
L2 Secondary Fire Split Stack by number
R2 Primary Fire
Left Touchpad Select Emote (with Right Stick)
Right Touchpad Place Ping
Options Chat
Share Factory Skyline (O)


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